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Terms & Conditions


Application of Conditions

Contracts and orders are accepted upon and subject to the conditions below. Unless expressly accepted in writing any qualifications of these conditions in any written or printed document of the customer shall be deemed to be inapplicable.

Payment Terms

Payment terms are thirty days from date of invoice.

The company reserve the right to withhold further despatches to customers whose accounts are overdue.


The company reserves the right to charge interest on overdue accounts at a rate of 5% above Bank of England base rate.


Prices are correct at the time of publication but are subject to alteration without prior notice. Orders can only be accepted to be invoiced at the prices ruling at the date of despatch. Prices are exclusive of VAT.


The Company reserves the right to modify products without prior notice.


Not withstanding that a sample of the goods may have been exhibited or shown to the buyer and inspected by the buyer, it is hereby declared that such samples are solely to enable the buyer to judge the quality or the type of goods and do not constitute a sale by a sample under the contract. The buyer shall take the goods at his own risk as to their corresponding with the sample or as to their quality, condition or sufficiency for any purpose.

Scheduled Orders

A scheduled order calling for delivery spread over a defined period shall constitute authority to manufacture and shall define the buyers ultimate delivery. The buyer is at all times liable for current total scheduled stocks and work in progress.

Title of Goods

Title of goods is only transferred when payment has been received for all amounts due and owing. Should amounts due be unpaid, Olympic shall have the right to enter the customer’s premises during ordinary business hours and take possession and remove such of its goods as are in the customer’s possession.

If the goods have been sold by the customer before all payments have been made to Olympic, the customer must hold the proceeds arising from such sale as trustee for Olympic until all payments due have been made.

In the event of a customer being placed in Receivership or Liquidation it is not the intention of the parties hereto, that a Receiver or Liquidator to be empowered to sell Olympic goods save where all payments due and owing to Olympic by the customer have been paid in full.

Pack Sizes

Pack sizes shown on this Website are subject to alteration without notice.


Full details are shown on our delivery page.

Minimum Order

See our delivery page.


See our delivery page.

Returned Goods

Returned goods which having been correctly supplied and are returned for credit, will only be credited less a 35% handling charge. All items must be in a re-saleable condition and in their original undamaged packs. No returned goods which exceed the invoice date by six months or more will be accepted. Products with a shelf life cannot be accepted for return.

Additional details can be found on our returns page.


Accounts are payable at the offices of Olympic shown below.

1-4 Venture Court
Metcalf Drive

3 Greenway
County Down
BT23 7SU

Box Quantities

Box quantities are average.


Discounts are available on all products subject to negotiation.


Claims for damage or shortage must be notified to ourselves in writing within 3 days of delivery. Non receipt of the whole or part of the consignment must be notified to Olympic within 14 days from the date of despatch. Claims outside these periods cannot be accepted. No responsibility can be accepted for damaged material or short delivery where the carrier has been given a clean receipt.


Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of information in this Website. The company reserves the right to change specifications without notice. Illustrations are for reference only and not proportionate.

Health & Safety

Health & Safety at Work Act

All goods are sold on the express undertaking that the customer is aware of the requirements and provisions of the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974.

Support is available in the form of Declaration of Performance (DoP), Technical Data Sheet (TDS) and Material/Safety Data Sheet (MSDS/SDS) shown against the product in our online catalogue where applicable.

While every care is taken to ensure that goods offered for sale by the Company comply with the above Act when properly used, the Company cannot accept any liability or responsibility in the event of misuse by the customer or any other person to whom the goods may pass.


When using cutting tools, hand tools and other fixing products remember to wear the appropriate protection and take the necessary safety precautions.

Dispose of all used products carefully and in an environmentally friendly manner.

The buying company should satisfy itself that the persons responsible for the use of the product supplied by the company have all the information on the Health and Safety requirements in respect of the product.

For guidance on usage and typical applications refer to the individual product pages.

The buying company must at all times satisfy itself that the products supplied are suitable. The company can accept no liability for the use to which products are put or the way in which they are used.

Any recommendations stated by the company are made in good faith but cannot override the basic obligation of the user to satisfy himself at all times as to the suitability because of the widely varying environmental conditions, the standards of application and the changes in technology which alter the properties of the materials with which our products are expected to perform.


Goods supplied vary in size and weight and persons handling should be fully acquainted with the correct method thereof. Certain items supplied have due to their nature, sharp points or edges and should therefore be handled carefully.

Olympic Health & Safety General Policy Statement

Olympic Fixing Products Limited recognises that it has responsibilities for the health and safety of our workforce whilst at work and others who could be affected by our work activities. We will assess the hazards and risks faced by our workforce in the course of their work and take action to control those risks to an acceptable, tolerable level.

Our managers and supervisors are made aware of their responsibilities and required to take all resonable precautions to ensure the safety, health and welfare of our workforce and anyone else likely to be affected by the operation of our business.

The business intends meeting its legal obligations by providing and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment so far as reasonably practicable. This will be achieved by;

We also recognise;

To help achieve our objectives and ensure our employees recognise their duties under health and safety legislation whilst at work, we will also remind them of their duty to take reasonable care for themselves and for others who might be affected by their activities. These duties are explained on first employment at induction and also set our in an Employee Safety Handbook, given to each employee, which sets out their duties and includes our specific health and safety rules.

Olympic Fixing Products Limited takes its Corporate Social Responsibility seriously and policies on Anti Bribery, Competition Compliance, Environment, Ethical Trading, Modern Day Slavery, Product Recall and Quality are available upon request.



Goods supplied vary in size and weight and persons handling should be fully acquainted with the correct method thereof. Certain items supplied have due to their nature, sharp points or edges and should therefore be handled carefully.

Legal Construction

These conditions and any contract between seller and buyer shall be constructed and operate in all respects as a contract made in England and in conformity with English Law.


No part of this Website may be reproduced without the permission of Olympic Fixings